How to improve the sand making efficiency of cone crusher

Cone crusher is an important sand making equipment. At present, there are two types of sand making processes for cone crushers: white rock sand making system and C3 standard sand making system. The quality of the sand making process determines the quality of machine-made sand. In the sand making process, quality control is a key link. So what are the control measures for the sand making process?

Cone crusher
The * is to debug the cone crusher. Due to its complex structure, the cone crusher is equipped with a lubrication system, electrical control, detection and automatic protection devices. Therefore, there should be professionals to guide the installation and commissioning on site. The cone crusher adopts the principle of inter-granular lamination and crushing of materials and dry crushing technology. The equipment itself does not directly control the quality of sand and gravel. In order to ensure the normal working efficiency of the crusher, the feed size should not exceed the width of the feed opening, and the water content of the sand and gravel material should not exceed 4%.
The second is to check and debug the inspection screen of the cone crusher. The inspection screen of the cone crusher is the key equipment to control the FM value of sand and gravel. The screen area of ​​the cone crusher should not be less than 12 square meters. In the sand making system, it should be based on the actual production situation and whether the fine particles are blocked. Whether the double-layer screen or the lower screen is used determines the difficulty of cleaning the screen. In the production process, when the return material of the inspection screen of the cone crusher is close to 15%, the screen needs to be cleaned in time.
The above is the method to improve the quality of the cone crushing machine sand. According to the above description, the inspection screen of the cone crusher is the key inspection object of the equipment. It is necessary to check the inspection screen in time and debug in time to ensure the quality of the cone crushing machine sand.





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