How to cool the cone crusher in hot weather

 Cone crusher is a large-scale mechanical equipment, mostly working in the open air, and the outdoor temperature is high in summer, both the machinery and the staff are extremely difficult.

The continuous high temperature in summer is not only for people, but also very detrimental to the cone crusher equipment. Long-term operation can easily cause the cone crusher temperature to be too high, equipment shutdown, failure and other problems, which seriously affect the market and delay the construction period. Therefore, how to ensure the normal operation of cone crusher equipment in high temperature weather has become a compulsory course for operators of cone crusher equipment.
1. Be sure to keep the inside and outside of the cone crusher clean, clean up the fuselage oil and dust in time, and keep the engine in good heat dissipation at all times;
2. Regularly check the patency of the cooling and fuel system of the cone crusher, and replace the aging thread, screws, plugs, etc. in time to prevent UMC from causing fires;
3. Within a reasonable range, moderately reduce the usage of the cone crusher, lower the power, maintain its stable operation, and strictly prevent overloading;
4. Temporary sunshades can be built around or on the cone crusher to minimize the time the machine is exposed to the sun, which is conducive to cooling the equipment;
5. Pay attention to the maintenance of the cone crusher, regular and quantitative filling of high-quality lubrication, ensure that the equipment is in a good working environment, improve the flexibility of parts and components, reduce friction on the contact surface, and lower the temperature;
6. Keep the cone crusher well ventilated, check whether the fan of the electric cabinet is running normally, the dust-proof net and the shield are not blocked, whether the wind direction is correct, and check whether the water tank is normal, which can better assist the equipment in cooling down.





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