What to pay attention to when maintaining the sand making machine

 The maintenance of the sand making machine is always a problem that plagues many manufacturers. How to maintain the sand making machine can truly extend the life of the sand making machine and ensure the output of the equipment. This is not because the maintenance methods we mentioned in the article are wrong, but some maintenance methods It may not be right. The technical engineer of Jiaozuo Zhongxin will correct it for everyone and introduce the maintenance taboos.

sand making machine
    Taboo 1: The weather in summer is dry, and many users choose to cool the sand making machine and use cold water to make a cold bath for the sand making machine equipment. This is ok, but the sand making machine manufacturers remind users to pay attention to drying after cleaning. Otherwise, it is easy to rust in summer.
    Taboo 2: Inaccurate cylinder clearance measurement. If the measurement is not accurate, it is easy to cause the piston skirt perpendicular to the direction of the piston pin hole to produce greater wear due to the side pressure, so when using it, don't make the cylinder clearance measurement inaccurate.
    Taboo 3: Maintenance. There must be instructions on the instructions to regularly lubricate the parts, which means that most customers will regularly add lubricating oil during use, but often we just add lubricating oil but ignore cleaning. If we only add lubricating oil without cleaning, it will be long Time accumulation can also cause damage to machinery and equipment.





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