How to reduce the vibration of sand making machine

 Various problems will occur during the work of the sand making machine, so vibration is also one of the common problems of users. Due to the long-term work, vibration is also a common phenomenon. If long-term vibration will cause screws Parts are loose or even fall off, one of the reasons for regular inspection and maintenance of sand making equipment. Today, the editor summarizes the method of reducing the vibration of the sand making machine.

sand making machine
1. Vibration isolation of spiral steel wire rope. As a vibration damping element, the steel wire rope has a variable parameter performance of low frequency, large damping, high frequency and low stiffness, so it can effectively reduce the vibration of the body. Compared with the traditional rubber vibration damping source, it has the advantages of oil resistance, corrosion resistance, temperature difference resistance, high temperature resistance, aging resistance and small size. The vibration isolation effect mainly depends on its nonlinear hysteresis characteristics.
2. Hydraulic vibration isolation. The hydraulic support system is a structure of traditional rubber support and hydraulic damping. It can provide greater damping in the low frequency range and quickly attenuate the large-scale vibration of the engine. It has low dynamic stiffness and energy at medium and high frequencies. Effectively reduce the vibration and dryness in the cab.
3. Rubber vibration isolation. The traditional engine adopts elastic support to reduce vibration, the vibration isolation device has a simple structure, low cost and reliable performance. Rubber bearings are generally installed on the frame, and are divided into compression type, shear type and compression shear composite type according to the stress. The above introduction is about the method of reducing the vibration of the sand making machine, hoping to help the friends solve the difficult problems.





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