What to do if the cone crusher suddenly stops

 When encountering the phenomenon of sudden shutdown of the cone crusher in production, first of all, the user should understand the reason for the sudden shutdown of the cone crusher. Here are some common reasons for this phenomenon.

First of all, the discharge port of the cone crusher is blocked. During the production process, too much or uneven feed material will cause the discharge port to be blocked. At this time, the production load of the cone crusher is too large, causing the fuse to break and lead to shutdown.
Secondly, the sudden shutdown of the cone crusher may also be caused by too low voltage. If the voltage is unstable or too low, it will cause a shutdown, so check whether the voltage is normal.
There may also be an eccentric shaft problem. Loose or falling of the fixed bush of the eccentric shaft will cause no gap between the bearing housing and the frame, resulting in the eccentric shaft unable to run, so the cone crusher will suddenly stop. Another is that the belt is not tight enough. If the belt is too loose, the belt will slip and cannot provide sufficient power, causing downtime. This phenomenon can also occur when the bearing is burnt out. Damage to the bearing will prevent the entire cone crusher from working properly.
Solution: Before starting the cone crusher, pay attention to check whether there is any residue in the discharge port of the cone crusher. If there is any residue, clean it immediately. The second is whether the belt tightness of the cone crusher is appropriate, and adjust the belt tightness reasonably to prevent over-tightening or over-tightening. Also pay attention to the voltage of the cone crusher to maintain the stability and continuity of the voltage. There is also attention to daily maintenance. Because of its importance, bearings should pay special attention to their wear and working conditions and find abnormal solutions in a timely manner.





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