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Notes on replacement of wear parts of jaw crusher

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 In the jaw crusher, the lining plate, thrust plate and eccentric shaft are the main wear parts. The service life of the jaw broken wear parts is shown in the figure below. The following are the precautions for replacing these wear parts.

jaw crusher
1. Replacement of liner
The fixed jaw liner (tooth plate), movable jaw liner (tooth plate), side liner (guard plate) & easy to wear of the jaw crusher. If the wear is serious, it will cause the product size to become larger. When the lining board is initially worn, the lining board can be turned around, or two pieces can be used. The wear of the jaw plate is concentrated in the middle and lower parts. When the tooth plate is worn off by 3/5, a new lining plate needs to be replaced. When the linings on both sides are worn out by 2/5, they need to be replaced with new ones.
2. Replacement of mandrel, eccentric shaft and bush
If there is not much wear on the shaft, you only want to repair the geometry and you can get it on the lathe. However, when the shaft size is reduced by 5% after several times of turning, it is not allowed to turn, and it should be replaced with a new one. Because the jaw crusher works under impact load, the babbitt liner on the bush needs to be recast every two years.
If the eccentric shaft and the bearing bush, the mandrel and the bearing bush are worn, and the gap is greater than 1.5 times the original assembly gap, you need to add a pad to adjust or replace; the oil groove wears 1.5 mm, and the oil groove should be reopened and adjusted; the connecting rod head cover When the gap with the eccentric shaft is worn to more than 1.5 times the assembly gap, it is also necessary to adjust the pad or replace it with a new one.
3. Replacement of thrust plate
When the thrust plate is severely worn or the front thrust plate is broken, the ore in the crushing cavity must be removed *, the severely worn or broken thrust plate should be taken out, and the movable jaw and the elbow plate on the connecting rod should be inspected for damage. Then pull the movable jaw to the vicinity of the fixed jaw, lubricate the working surface of the toggle plate with dry oil, replace it with a new thrust plate, make it come into contact with the working surface of the toggle plate slowly, and tighten the horizontal lever to make the movable jaw thrust The board is clamped. Tighten the safety cover, connect the lubrication system, and then adjust the size of the ore outlet.

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