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Analysis of the Reason for the Discharge Size of Cone Crusher

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 Cone crusher is an indispensable equipment in the crushing market. It has many models and can be used in many industries. It can be used to crush ore, slag, rock and other materials. The discharge particle size determines its working performance. And its application range, and the size of the discharge is also affected by many factors. Below we will analyze these different influencing factors.

1. Fitting clearance of eccentric parts
    When the cone crusher is running, the motor drives the eccentric bushing to rotate through the transmission parts. The main shaft with taper and integrated with the moving cone body is driven by the eccentric bushing, and its shaft makes a cone surface movement around the crusher frame. To achieve the purpose of crushing materials. If the discharge opening of the cone crusher is adjusted to be smaller than the specified small discharge opening size, the phenomenon of collision between the moving cone lining plate and the fixed cone lining plate may occur during operation. In the actual situation, there is a certain gap between the actual small discharge port and the theoretical small discharge port, because the wear of the matching parts causes the gap to become larger, or due to errors caused by improper installation, repair and adjustment To.
2. The moving cone is unstable
    The unstable operation of the moving cone means that the cone crusher has problems in the process of design, manufacturing, installation and adjustment, resulting in a series of abnormal motion states such as jumping and tipping of the moving cone in the spherical bearing during its operation. When the running is abnormal and the moving cone jumps or falls in the spherical bearing, the distance between the moving cone liner and the fixed cone liner does not gradually change from large to small, from small to large, but suddenly large and small. In this situation, on the one hand, the discharge port cannot be adjusted to a normally small value. On the other hand, the crusher at this time does not use "rotary extrusion" but "impact extrusion" to crush the material. The crushed material Needle shape must increase.
3. The shape of the liner structure
    Reasonable cone crusher liner shape can get better discharge granularity. The determination of the ideal shape of the lining board should be based on factors such as the hardness of the crushed material, the output of the product, the shape of the lining board after wear, etc., and the long-term practical experience should be summarized and the trial and error can be obtained.

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