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Introduction to the method of reducing noise by vibrating screen

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 The vibrating screen is composed of a vibrating motor plus a bottom frame, a screen and related accessories. Some noise will appear during the production operation, especially when the vibrating screen is in an abnormal situation, the noise will be greater, which will cause great problems to the production environment. At the same time, it also affects the quality of the vibrating screen. How can we solve the noise problem of the vibrating screen and effectively reduce the production noise to small?

 We can't eliminate the noise generated by the general vibrating screen equipment, but the excessive noise will cause a certain adverse impact on the staff's s* and heart. Now let's introduce some methods to reduce the noise of the vibrating screen.
1. Change the original metal spring of the vibrating screen to a rubber spring
If technically allowed, rubber springs can be given way, which can reduce noise during vibration.
2. Add rubber lining
Laying a rubber lining on the inner wall of the inlet and outlet chute of the vibrating screen can also reduce the noise of the chute.
3. Replace the original metal screen plate of the vibrating screen with a polyurethane screen plate
Switching to a polyurethane screen instead of a metal screen can effectively reduce noise.
4. Regularly tighten the bolts of the vibrating screen equipment
When the bolts of the vibrating screen are loose, abnormal noise will be generated. If not fastened in time, it will cause the collision of the related parts of the vibrating screen and damage the equipment.
5. The side panel of the screen box is added with a constrained damping layer
The damping material can be applied to the surface of the vibrating screen to achieve the purpose of noise reduction.

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