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How to choose good quality jaw crusher

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How to choose jaw crusher? When buying a jaw crusher, it is more important for the user to choose the equipment. If the jaw crusher model selected by the user is unreasonable or does not match, it will not only affect the user's production efficiency, but also lead to useless investment. Therefore, before purchasing a jaw crusher, user selection is a more important issue. Because different types of stone have different specifications and different hardness, the selection factors of jaw crusher include stone specifications, hardness and output.

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1. Material hardness
Material hardness is one of the factors that affect the choice of jaw crusher. Each stone or other raw material has different degrees of hardness and softness. Before choosing a crusher, the user must know the hardness of the material. If the hardness is difficult to determine, it is recommended to use professional instruments to determine the hardness of the material. The jaw crusher has a relatively high compressive strength of 320 MPa.
2. Material specifications
The size of the material determines the size of the jaw crusher equipment. If the user material is too large to handle small-sized equipment, it will not only affect the production efficiency of the equipment, but also have a certain impact on the life of the equipment. After all, the material faced by the jaw crusher is a material with a certain hardness. If the material specifications are not suitable, it will seriously damage the service life of the device.
3. Material output
The material output is the user's prediction before purchasing the jaw crusher. The size of the output is definitely one of the factors that affect the size of the jaw crusher model. General users should accurately predict the output before purchasing a jaw crusher. Only by providing accurate output data can users create more matching devices.
4. Material type
Common types of materials are: river pebbles, granite, basalt, iron ore, limestone, quartz, coal gangue, construction waste, etc. Special materials, if it is not suitable for jaw crusher equipment, you need to choose other equipment, for example, mobile crusher is often used in construction waste treatment, for strong materials, may use the impact crusher. Some materials, under special circumstances, need to decide which crusher to use according to the nature of the material.

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