Regular maintenance of the sand making machine can guarantee the output

 As the mining of river sand is prohibited, the supply of sand and gravel on the market was in short supply, causing the price of sand to rise rapidly. Engineering sand and construction sand have undergone major changes to artificial sand. The machined sand is processed with sand making equipment. Due to the vacancy of sand and urgent demand, it is necessary to expand the scale and mass production of sand and stone factories. The good condition of the equipment is the premise and guarantee of productivity. Jiaozuo Zhongxin Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. analyzed the preventive measures for faults from the daily use of sand making machines to help users perform maintenance and repair work and prevent losses in a timely manner.

1. The operation of the sand making machine is a possible failure
In daily production, the starting and use of sand making machines require the support of electricity. In case of failure, please stop the machine and turn off the power in time. Users should pay more attention to the motor and power supply of the sand making machine. Whether the motor power is stable can reflect all aspects of the sand making machine. If the bearings of the equipment are not lubricated, the motor circuit will operate abnormally and the density of discharged materials will be high, which will cause the power supply to become unstable. Uneven discharge will cause unstable power supply, uneven feed, uneven impeller speed and tightness of V-belt will cause uneven discharge.
2. Regular maintenance to reduce the occurrence of failures
For the daily failures of sand making machines, some preventive measures can be taken to keep the rotating bearings with sufficient lubricating oil and lubricants. Check the motor circuit status before and after shutdown; timely and appropriately adjust the tightness of the V-belt; strictly feed to meet the feeding requirements of the sand making machine equipment, do not suddenly replace Observe and adjust the speed of the impeller to make it more ideal. In the case of soaring sand prices, sand and stone factories and sand and stone manufacturers are responsible for quality and quantity. As long as the user carefully maintains the sand making machine, these small faults that occur every day can be prevented and quickly repaired.





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