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What are the common problems of single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

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 The single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has attracted the attention of many ore processing enterprises due to its extremely efficient crushing performance. Of course, the problem of the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is quickly resolved. So in the face of a variety of different equipment usage environments, what problems generally occur with single-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers? What should we do when facing these problems?

    1. The problem of tightening and loosening of the upper cover and the lower cover.
    After the upper and lower shells of the crusher are closely matched by steps, they are connected by 20 M 42 bolts, but the bolts loose and break during the operation. To this end, the following measures have been taken:
Design the base as an elastic mechanism to buffer the crushing force inside the equipment;A torque wrench is used to ensure that each M42 bolt must reach a tightening torque of 3640N · m; By padding or repairing the connecting steps between the upper and lower housings, the gap between the two should be within 0.25mm.
    2. Dust problem.
    Due to the external environment, the external fan of the dustproof system of the crusher is seriously clogged with the filter element, and the wind force cannot be directly observed. The wind pressure is often low due to the failure to replace the filter element in time. If the filter element is replaced regularly, it will cause unnecessary waste. To this end, it is planned to add a pressure control valve on the dust-proof air outlet in order to replace the filter element in time and effectively control the air pressure.
    3. Cooling problem.
    For example, the lubrication system of two crushers in a factory is in a narrow space about 2m below the ground level, and the poor ventilation has a great impact on the air cooling system. Due to the lack of air circulation, although cooling devices such as fans and ice cubes were added, the air cooling effect was still not ideal, so the protection temperature had to be increased, which was very unfavorable for the crusher. To completely solve the problem, we can only proceed from the aspects of cooling fan displacement, lubrication system civil engineering transformation and cooling method transformation.
    4. The adjustment problem of mine discharge.
    In the early stage of the replacement of the new lining board, the ore outlet can reach the set value of about 13m; but when the lining board wears to a certain extent, the ore outlet expands to about 18mm and cannot be adjusted downward; when the lining board wears to the later stage , The ore discharge opening reaches about 20mm, and it basically has no crushing effect. To this end, measures were taken to adjust the eccentricity from the original 50mm to 40mm. After adopting this measure, although the throughput of the crusher has been reduced, it can basically keep the discharge port at about 13mm, which is beneficial to increase the qualified particle size in the discharge and reduce the return to the mine.

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