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Tips for choosing vibrating screen machine

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The vibrating screen is one of the indispensable equipment in the sand production line. The working efficiency of the vibrating screen also affects the production efficiency of the sand production line. As an important screening equipment, the screening effect of the vibrating screen will affect the value of the product. Therefore, it is very important to choose the appropriate vibrating screen equipment. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a vibrating screen:
1. Characteristics of screening materials
When selecting a vibrating screen, consider the characteristics of the sieved material, including the content of the particle size of the material under the sieve, the content of the particle size of the difficult sieve, the moisture content of the material, the shape and specific gravity of the material, and the clay content.
2, the structure of the vibrating screen
When selecting the vibrating screen, the screen area, number of layers, the shape, size and area ratio of the screen hole, as well as the movement mode of the vibrating screen, vibration frequency and amplitude should also be considered.
The screening efficiency of the vibrating screen is related to the movement form of the screen surface, so the screening efficiency of the fixed screen is low, and the screening efficiency of the moving screen is relatively high.
For sports sieves, the vibration of the particles on the screen surface is close to the direction of the vertical screen hole, and the vibration frequency is high, and the screening effect is better; if the particles slide in the direction of the screen surface, the screening effect is relatively poor.
 Vibrating Screen
3. Screening purpose
According to different screening applications, different types of vibrating screens need to be selected, such as:
If you need to pre-screen the materials, generally use a round vibrating screen; for the grading screening of the broken materials, choose a large vibrating screen, probability screen, etc .; for the dehydration treatment of the material, choose a linear vibrating screen is better; if needed Probability sieve is used for desilting and sand cleaning of materials.
4. Requirements of mineral processing technology
When selecting a vibrating screen, it also needs to be considered according to the processing capacity of the production line, screening method, screening efficiency and the inclination angle of the vibrating screen.
In the actual production of machine-made sand, according to the actual situation, in order to meet the requirements of the particle size of the machine-made sand, choose as large a screen size as possible, and an effective screening area, choose a suitable screen shape and screen surface opening Non-metallic screen surface with high rate to improve the screening effect and working efficiency of sand and gravel materials.

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