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Solutions of jaw crusher noise

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    Jaw crusher belongs to mining equipment, it is a crusher for medium crushing and fine crushing operation. It has high output crushing capacity, but it will produce abnormal noise during the work. Bring a certain degree of harm, so how to deal with the noise problem of the jaw crusher, the technical staff summarized a series of problems and the reasons for the noise of the equipment.
Jaw Crusher Machine
    1. Jaw crusher has its own vibration. Because of the large size of the jaw crusher, the rotation of the internal hammer head will cause a certain vibration of the machine. In the production line, the hammer head is driven by the belt conveyor to end the crushing operation. The noise of the hammer head rolling back and forth is avoided. No, because in the production line, we must ensure the quality of equipment and parts, so as to avoid certain noise.
    2. After the jaw crusher has abnormal noise, generally speaking, the jaw crusher should be tested and repaired after working for a period of time. If the user performs maintenance according to improper operation, the jaw crusher will Defects will occur, and the noise from the jaw crusher after the defect occurs, such as the sound of the belt hitting when the belt runs off; the noise of the stone hitting the jaw crusher when the discharge is blocked, the jaw crusher After the defect occurs, it should be dealt with in time to reduce noise.
    3. When installing the jaw crusher, be sure to choose a stable place, so that there will be no abnormal noise from excessive shaking, and it must be far away from the residential area. Do not give the residents the vibration sound of the jaw crusher itself. bring inconvenience.

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