How to reduce downtime of the sand maker

    Today, there are many kinds of sand making equipment on the mining machinery market. However, if you want to sort the output according to the level, the first place is the VSI sand making machine. However, the VSI sand making machine sometimes suddenly stops, which not only causes great damage to the machine itself, but also affects the normal production efficiency of the entire production line. Today, sand machine manufacturers will tell you how to reduce the occurrence of such phenomena and make mining equipment more in line with high standards for sand making.
sand making machine
    First, check the working voltage. If the working voltage of the VSI sand making machine is unstable or too low, it will be very easy to stop the crushing equipment. Therefore, the maintenance personnel should regularly check the daily working voltage of the sand making equipment, and adjust it in time if it changes to meet the production working voltage requirements.
    Second, check whether the components are loose. If the loose sleeve of the eccentric shaft of the VSI sand making machine is loosened, it will cause the eccentric shaft to jam and stop the crushing equipment. In addition, when the loose parts of other key parts occur, it will also affect the normal operation of the VSI sand making machine. Therefore, in the daily production process, we must always pay attention to check whether all parts are loose, and ensure that all parts are firmly installed.
    Third, the maintenance of bearings, VSI sand making machine bearings directly affect the normal operation of the machine, so the maintenance of this part is very important. In the production process, we must not only pay attention to the use of the bearing, but also replace the damaged ones in time. Secondly, the daily lubrication of VSI sand making machine bearings must be indispensable to prevent the bearing temperature from being too high and eliminate the shutdown of the sand making equipment.





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