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How to solve the blockage of cone crusher

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    Why does the cone crusher blocked? Generally speaking, the cone crusher will not block material because of the crushing principle of the equipment, but in case of blockage, we can start the implementation of the solution according to the following factors that cause blockage:
Hydraulic Cone Crusher
    1. The discharge port of the cone crusher does not change according to the change of the feeding properties, so that the crushed material cannot be discharged in time and stays in the crushing cavity, which causes the equipment to block.
    2. The equipment damage caused by the stagnation of the cone crusher due to the failure of the motor will cause the running materials to be blocked in the equipment. The materials should be shut down in time to repair the equipment.
    3. Due to the movement of the cone crusher and the severe wear or damage of the fixed cone during work, some excessive materials will be blocked at the discharge port, which will cause blockage of the equipment. Therefore, the movement of the cone crusher should be checked regularly. Cone and fixed cone, if any problem occurs, it will be dealt with in time.
    4. Due to the improper feeding of the crusher, it is necessary to pay attention to the uniform feeding of the crusher, not too much or too little. The crushing cavity enters iron blocks or other large non-crushable objects and cannot be discharged to cause blockage of the cone crusher, or the feed properties are not suitable. The cone crusher is not acceptable.

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