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How to maintain the cone crusher Machine

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In ore production, cone crushers can cause some failures. Some faults are caused by necessary features, but some can be avoided. The following will introduce the maintenance work of the cone crusher and effectively avoid mechanical failure.
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Four aspects of cone crusher maintenance
Cone crusher bearing lubrication. During the crushing process of the cone crusher machine, the high hardness ore will withstand greater friction and various impact forces. Bearings are the main part of the load, so pay attention to this place. Although the cone crusher has a good lubrication system, it should be noted that the amount of lubricant should be checked before starting the machine.
Check whether the machine parts are loose. When the ore material of the cone crusher is broken, the ore can easily cause damage to the working parts. Loose parts are one of the manifestations of the machine. It is affected or caused by the ore, or directly by the working parts. Before starting the machine, it is necessary to check whether the working parts are loose. Without checking for looseness, the machine will vibrate during operation.
Replace worn parts in a timely manner. Moving cone plates and fixed cone plates are the main wear parts of cone crusher machines. Material in direct contact. One is crushed material and the other is abrasion of the lower plate of the enclosed protective component. For both parts, it is necessary to regularly check for wear and tear and replace the motherboard in a timely manner.
Control the temperature and oil temperature of the machine bearings. Cone crusher bearing temperature and oil temperature exceed normal values, there may be other materials in the bearing. If the temperature is always high, you need to s* and check.

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