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Hazard of Imbalance of Impact Crusher Rotor

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    The high-speed rotating rotor with plate hammer is the main working part of the impact crusher. In order to meet the needs of crushing large ore, the rotor needs sufficient weight and stable operation. Regardless of replacing the new hammer or repairing the old hammer, we must pay attention to the balance of the rotor, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the equipment.
    I. Consequences of rotor imbalance
    1) Unbalanced rotor will produce a large inertia force and moment of inertia, which will cause unstable operation of the equipment;
    2) The imbalance of the rotor will cause large vibration of the rotor components, generate additional dynamic loads, damage the normal working conditions of the equipment, make the bearing temperature rise too high, shorten the service life, and even cause cracks and damage to certain parts.
 Impact Crusher
    Causes of rotor imbalance
    1) The quality of the rotor itself, the manufacturer did not strictly follow the manufacturing requirements, and the product was unqualified;
    2) The end face of the rotor body is severely worn, and the wear is uneven. The center of mass and the center of the rotor body are not in the same position, resulting in the static and dynamic balance of the rotor cannot be guaranteed;
    3) The feed is not uniform, causing uneven force on the rotor, and the balance is destroyed.
    Third, the solution of the rotor imbalance
    1) Perform balance experiments on the rotor before commissioning;
    2) The feed should be uniform to avoid uneven force on the rotor;
    3) When replacing the hammer head, it is * to replace it completely or symmetrically, and install it according to the correct method.

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