The common faults of jaw crusher

  Jaw crusher is widely used in various ore crushing, railway, highway, energy, cement, chemical, construction and other industries. In the working process of jaw crusher, the machine will fail due to various bad factors. In the event of a fault, it should be removed and repaired in a timely manner. This article will introduce the causes and treatment of common faults of the jaw crusher.
    1.Poor particle size
    We all know that the jaw crusher crushes the material by moving the jaws to squeeze each other. Therefore, after the uneven particle size of the material appears, we should first check whether the jaws are worn. The wear of the plate is uneven, and the jaw plate can be repaired by welding. If the wear is particularly serious, it is recommended to replace the jaw plate.
    2. Abnormal sound or equipment vibration inside the crushing chamber
    If the jaw crusher has abnormal vibration during work, the feed size may be too large or the feed may not be uniform. The feed size should be controlled not to exceed the specified value, while ensuring uniform feed, and whether the equipment bolts are loose. As a result, the anchor bolts and bearing seat bolts should be tightened.
 jaw crusher
    If abnormal sounds are found inside the crushing cavity during work, the non-crushable material should be excluded from the inside of the crushing cavity, and the crushing cavity should be shut down to clean up. If there is no abnormal crushed material, it may be inside the crushing cavity. The parts are broken and broken, just replace the corresponding damaged parts.
    3. Bearing temperature is too high during work
    Bearings are important components that drive the work of a piece of equipment, so you should pay careful attention to the bearing temperature during work. If the bearing temperature is too high during work, it may be that the normal lubrication work is not in place, or the quality of the used lubricant is not good. Protection. If the bearing is damaged due to long-term use, it should be replaced in time, otherwise it will cause more serious consequences.
    4. The machine works but the bearings do not turn
    If after the jaw crusher equipment is turned on, it is found that the transmission part is working but the bearing is not moving, you should check whether the V-belt is too loose and slipping. You should readjust the V-belt tension and check whether the bearing is damaged. Or if the long-toothed gear is damaged, if it is found to be due to the gear, it should be stopped immediately to replace the gear.
    5. stuffy machine
    The main cause of the crusher's stuffiness is the excessive feeding, which results in the crusher being overloaded. In this case, the feeding should be stopped immediately, the crushing cavity should be emptied, and the reason should be found and dealt with properly.





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