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What are the consequences of uneven feeding of vibrating screen?

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    Vibrating screen is a kind of high-precision, low-noise, high-efficiency, fully-closed fine powder screening equipment. It is suitable for screening and filtering of particles, powder, slime and other materials. Vibrating screen has been widely used in food, chemical, metal, mining and other industries. How to properly feed the vibrating screen in the production process has always been a concern of many users, but some users may ignore the problem of uneven feeding of the vibrating screen during the screening process. So what effect will the uneven feeding have on the equipment?
Circular Vibrating Screen
    1. Low screening efficiency
    When using a vibrating screen, the uneven feeding will greatly reduce the screening efficiency. If too much feeding is performed at one time, it will exceed the screening load that the screening machine can bear, so that the material will be discharged from the discharge port before it is screened Too much fine material is discharged from the coarse material mouth, which will greatly reduce the screening efficiency.
    2. Affect yield and screening accuracy
    When the feeding is uneven, the phenomenon that there is no material on one side of the screen surface and the other side will reduce the utilization rate of the entire screen surface and cause the problem that the output cannot meet the requirements. On the other hand, due to uneven feed, the material on one side is too thick. Once the material stacking thickness is too large, it will affect the screening accuracy and output.
    3. Reduce motor life
    If a large amount of material is invested for a long time in the production process of the vibrating screen, the load of the motor will suddenly increase, thereby damaging the vibrating motor and reducing the service life of the motor. In the long run, users must continuously maintain or replace the motor to increase equipment maintenance costs.
    4.The screen is broken quickly and the service life is reduced.
    When using a vibrating screen, the feed is uneven or too much at one time, which exceeds the pressure on the screen. Because the filter pressure is high, it will cause the filter to be damaged quickly. Reducing the service life of the screen is another important manifestation of uneven feed. In the production process of the vibrating screen, if the number and weight of the screens are not uniform during the feeding process, the screens will be in a long-term qualified state. In this state, the operation of the screens will greatly reduce the life of the screens. Once the screen is damaged, it will affect the output and screen accuracy. Therefore, the screen must be replaced! If this happens for a long time, it will not only affect normal production, but also increase equipment maintenance costs.

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