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What to pay attention to when the cone crusher starts

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       Cone crusher is a common crusher currently on the market. It can process a variety of ore materials, especially hard rock materials. It has the advantages of long life and large output. What should we pay attention to in daily use?
  Hydraulic Cone Crusher
1. Check before starting to confirm that it can be started before running.
2. When starting the main motor, turn off the disconnect switch and oil switch in order. When s*ping, the oil switch and isolation switch should be closed in sequence. When the host is still running, it is strictly forbidden to cut off the working power.
3. The lubrication station should be started before starting the host. The lubrication station can only be s*ped after the main engine has s*ped running. The host can feed only after it is normally started and running. It can only be s*ped after the feed is s*ped and completely emptied.
4. When the cone crusher is running, the temperature of the hydraulic oil should meet the requirements of the equipment.
5. The particle size of the broken material should meet the requirements of product specifications. The feed should pass through the distribution board, and the feed speed should not be higher than the horizontal level of the mortar wall.
6. The working current and power must not exceed 85% of the rated current and power.
7. Equipment should be regularly checked, maintained and repaired.
8. When the crusher is running, check the pressure of the locking system and the working condition of the hydraulic station. When oil leakage and insufficient locking force are found, s* the machine for inspection and repair.

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