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The advantages of PF Impact crusher

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    The impact crusher is a second-level and third-level crushing work. It has a relatively large range of material adaptation. The maximum feed can reach about 1400mm and the output granularity is 30-150mm. A variety of basic construction industry construction sand crushing aggregate processing crusher for urban construction waste treatment of coarse, medium and fine crushing operations. The structure of the impact crusher is relatively simple, and the energy consumption and power consumption in the process of crushing materials are small. As the impact crusher uses the principle of impact crushing, the materials fight back and forth in the crushing cavity to achieve the purpose of crushing the materials. Therefore, the impact crusher has a large crushing cavity, and the material has a large moving space in the crushing cavity, which can better achieve the material crushing. Because the crushing is relatively large, the particle size control can be achieved by adjusting the impact plate, so it has a unique advantage in terms of uniform product particle size.
impact crusher
    The impact crusher is usually equipped with a discharge gap adjustment device, which can be used to change the number of counterattacks of the material in the production process, thereby changing the particle size of the finished material. If in order to meet the particle size requirements of a certain material crushing, the particle size of the finished material can be changed by adjusting the device of the plate, the gap between the plate and the plate hammer, so as to achieve different material requirements in actual production and reduce equipment investment.
Counterattack Crusher
    In short, the advantages of the counterattack crusher are that it has the advantages of saving equipment investment, simplifying the crushing production process, reducing energy consumption, improving processing capacity, and improving equipment efficiency, and can be better applied to various practical crushing operations.
    In the process of use, the normal maintenance of the equipment is a core to ensure the normal operation of the crushing equipment, so what are the issues that the impact crusher needs to pay attention to when working?
    (1) If abnormal noise occurs during the use of the equipment, the inspection must be s*ped to avoid permanent damage to the equipment due to the fall of components.
    (2) It is also necessary to s* the inspection when the bearing temperature is too high. If you encounter professional problems, you need to wait for professional service personnel to perform maintenance.
    (3) In the process of use, key components need to be replaced in time. Generally, the oil is cleaned or replaced every three months.

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