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Solutions to solve the problems with sand making machines

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    With more and more people running sand factories, the use of sand making machines has also increased. There are many brands of sand making machines on the market, and the brand used by each user may be different, but the impact crusher structure of each sand making machine manufacturer is generally the same, and details may differ. No matter what kind of sand making machine, the sand making principle is the same, then how to solve these problems in daily use.
sand making machine
    1. The main bearing temperature is too high. It may be that the grease is insufficient, then you need to add an appropriate amount of grease; if the grease is contaminated, you need to replace the grease after cleaning the bearing; if the bearing is damaged, you need to replace the bearing.
    2. The discharge size is too large. It may be that the crushing teeth are excessively worn, then the crushing teeth need to be replaced or surfacing is performed; the side teeth are worn or fall off, they need to be replaced.
    3. Increased crusher vibration. The bearing may be damaged and replaced; the gear coupling is damaged and replaced.
    4. Reduced processing power or insufficient power. If the hydraulic coupler leaks, refill a certain amount of No. 22 turbine oil or No. 6 hydraulic transmission oil. If the coupler is broken, you need to replace it with a new one; if the feeding is uneven, adjust the feeding.
    5. Can not be reversed automatically. The sensor is installed incorrectly or damaged, adjust or replace the sensor; if the sensor lead or connection is loose, connect the lead or tighten the connection.
    6. Sensor protection system fails. The proximity switch is damaged or the wiring in the electric control cabinet is loose, then you need to replace the added switch or connect the wire according to the wiring diagram.

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