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Reasons for the main shaft break of the cone crusher

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    Cone crusher is an advanced hydraulic crusher with high power, large crushing ratio and high productivity. This machine was developed on the basis of absorbing various types of cone crushers with advanced international standards in the 1980s. It is obviously different from the traditional cone crusher in design and focuses on the types known so far. The main advantages of cone crusher. Suitable for fine crushing and ultra-fine crushing of hard rocks, ore, slag, refractory materials, etc.
    The operating environment of the cone crusher is relatively harsh, and some failures will inevitably occur. Today, I will introduce three major reasons for the fracture of the cone crusher spindle:
    1. Reason: The iron passing is frequent, and the main axis of the cone crusher and the body are broken.
    Method: Install iron protection device.
    2. Reason: The cone crusher was continuously overloaded, and the main shaft broke at the place where it cooperated with the body.
    Method: The fracture of the main shaft of the cone crusher usually manifests as a jump of the support sleeve. At this time, the feed should be reduced.
    3. Reason: The friction between the bowl-shaped tile and the spherical body is so serious that the spindle is inserted into the spindle bush too much, which reduces the running clearance and causes lubrication failure.
    Method: The geometric relationship between the main shaft of the cone crusher, the bowl-shaped tile and the spindle bushing is incorrect. Replace the bowl-shaped tile, overlay welding and re-process the body spherical surface or pad the bowl-shaped shaft frame to compensate for the wear of the bowl-shaped tile and body spherical surface.

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