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Severe wear of the hammer of the impact crusher

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    The hammer of the impact crusher is an important part of the crusher. It is fixed on the rotor. The wear of the hammer is the main failure form of the impact crusher. Generally, the hammer has a short service life and a large consumption. It needs a large number of spare parts to maintain normal production, and the production cost is high. Jiaozuo Zhongxin Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. will take you to understand the cause and solution of the serious hammer wear of the counterattack.
impact crusher
    There are two reasons for the severe wear of the hammer of the impact crusher and the short service life:
    1. Improper selection of plate hammer material
    Some plate hammer materials use high manganese steel, which is characterized by good toughness, high strength and good workmanship. Has a certain hardness, the reason why it is often used is mainly because of large impact or contact stress, the surface layer of high-manganese steel will rapidly produce severe work hardening. Greatly improve surface hardness and wear resistance. However, in actual use, the impact force or contact stress is often insufficient, and the surface cannot be rapidly worked hardened, and the wear resistance cannot be fully exerted.
    2. Improper selection of the hammer structure
    There are many types of plate hammer structure. There are two types of working surface: wide and narrow. The wide and wide effective wear is large. There are single-headed and double-headed work. surface. Both heads have two wear surfaces. There are four wear surfaces on both sides. Under the same material conditions, the hammer with a large amount of effective wear and many wear surfaces has a long natural life.

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