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How to make the cone crusher have a better shape

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    Good product size should ensure that the ratio of larger size to smaller size exceeds 90% of the product and is less than 3 (the smaller the ratio, the better the particle size). Product size is determined by a variety of factors, the main influencing factors are mainly concentrated on the feed, crushing cavity type, discharge port, crushing equipment and crushing process.
Cone Crusher

    1. Reasonable choice of crusher and crushing cavity
    Choose a reliable cone crusher and crusher type. Power, crushing force and ventilation are the three factors that determine the output and discharge size of the cone mobile crushing equipment. The way to increase power is to increase the feed rather than reduce the exhaust. The better crushing power is about 80% of the rated power.
    2. Feed correctly
    The cone crusher must be completely filled. The stable continuous classification of raw materials avoids the change of crushing power and feed grade, while maintaining a relatively stable crushing chamber and discharge port.
    A large discharge port will bring more sheet products, so in order to obtain a good product size, a smaller discharge port is required, and the crushing ratio is controlled to 3 to 3.5, which requires controlling the feed size.
    3. Closed loop and crushing system
    The crusher is part of the crushing system, and other equipment will also affect the entire crushing system. The conveyor system must have sufficient conveying capacity. It is very important to buffer the silo in front of the crusher in order to stably fill the crusher.
    The effect of screening efficiency on the crushing system is also huge. Generally, insufficient screening will produce too many fine materials in the returned material, which can easily cause the crusher to overload; on the other hand, returning the crushing machine with too many qualified fine materials will reduce the productivity of the crushing system. Cone crusher Has a great advantage in the field of crushing. A reasonable crushing system, combined with proper equipment and cavity selection, as well as standardized operation and maintenance practices, can greatly improve the performance of conical mobile crushing equipment.

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