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The reasons for cone crusher Stucked

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    The cone crusher is often caused by some sudden failure of the equipment, which seriously affects the production process and reduces the service life of the equipment and components. Let's take a look at the three major phenomena of the cone crusher.
Stone Crusher

    First, the moving cone and adjustment sleeve are stuck
    1. When the cone crusher is operating under load, the lock will fail due to the pressure loss of the hydraulic station, and the adjustment sleeve will rotate with the cone. If the post personnel do not find and deal with it in time, it will cause the jam of the adjustment sleeve, which will cause the cone crusher to s*.
    2. The cause of the jam of the adjustment sleeve may also be poor thread lubrication, wear of the adjustment cap seal or dust cover seal, abrasion of the adjustment sleeve and support sleeve threads, or long-term overload operation of the cone crusher.
    Second, the blockage is stuck
    1. The cone crusher feeds too much, or the feeding nature does not meet the requirements, which will cause the cone crusher to block the material, which will make the crusher work current too large, the circuit automatically protects and s*s the machine, and may even occur cone crush The machine is stuck and forced to s*.
    2. When iron blocks or other unbreakable objects enter in the crushing cavity of the cone crusher, it will also cause blockage of the cone crusher and even equipment jam.
    Third, the main shaft is broken and stuck
    1. Improper use of the cone crusher is one of the main reasons for the fracture of the main shaft. For example, in order to achieve the required discharge fineness, the discharge opening is continuously tightened. If an unbreakable object enters the crushing cavity, it will have a clear impact on the main shaft. , Causing the main shaft of the cone crusher to break and jam.
    2. On the other hand, when the cone crusher is in an overload operation state for a long time, although there is an overload protection device, damage to the equipment cannot be completely avoided, and the main shaft is prone to breakage and the equipment is stuck.

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