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Method for improving sand making quality of sand making machine

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       As the natural sand and gravel raw materials in nature are non-renewable resources, in order to meet the large demand of construction and road engineering, we can use artificial sand to replace the natural sand and gravel raw materials. The following Jiaozuo Zhongxin Heavy Industry will introduce you to the mechanism sand aggregate. In the sand production process, how to effectively control its quality and production costs.
sand making machine

       1.Grit size of control mechanism
We can control the grain size of the machine sand through the screening process. The main basis of the quality of the machined sand aggregate is the particle size and gradation requirements of the material. High-efficiency crushing equipment, vibrating screens and appropriate square-hole screens are used to control the grain size of the sand to a certain extent.
       2. Controlling sand content of mud
Strictly control the inclination angle of the screen and the amount of raw materials to be screened. At the same time, it is equipped with a stable flushing system and uniformly arranged the water spray holes. It is necessary to adjust the appropriate water pressure when washing sand and gravel, so that the sprayed water can be evenly covered The screen mesh allows the materials to be fully cleaned, while reducing the mud content of the machine-made sand materials.
       3.Protection mechanism sand finished product
When the sand aggregate is transported by the belt conveyor to the finished product storage, a separation wall can be set up near the finished product stack to partition the finished product to prevent mixing. Product labels can be set at the place where the finished materials are stacked. The spacing between the materials should be er than 3m. The products should be arranged neatly and orderly. A drainage system can also be set up to ensure that the washed sand aggregates can be quickly dewatered after entering the pile. To meet the water content requirements for the production of construction materials.

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