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What to pay attention to when using jaw crusher

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The jaw crusher ensures the smooth operation of the work. The important part of the jaw crusher is the rack, which is an important structure to support the entire jaw crusher. The jaw plate is replaced by a movable jaw. The relative longitudinal displacement is zero, and the crushing impact energy is multiplied. The impact force of the two movable jaws is balanced on the material, which improves the crushing effect.

On large construction sites, sometimes the frame cracks, making the work impossible. This is where the operator usually pays little attention to the maintenance of the frame during maintenance. Jaw crushing motorized jaws swing away from the fixed jaws and move in the opposite direction of the car. At this time, the material will move downward by its own weight. Each periodic movement of the jaw crushing mobile jaw causes the material to be crushed once and is discharged downward for a distance. After several cycles, the crushed material is discharged out of the machine through the discharge port.
The jaw crusher should check and tighten the fixed tooth plate bolts daily; the jaw crusher repairs or replaces the new frame, and the jaw plate is worn out and replaced in time; the jaw crusher repairs or replaces the new frame and fastens Two bolts are placed on the bearing cover; the jaw crusher repairs or replaces the new frame, and replaces the pin shaft or adjusts the direction of the eccentric block, and sets the expansion sleeve tightly.
As one of the crushing equipment, jaw crusher has excellent crushing capacity and is widely used. It is used for medium and fine crushing of various medium and hard ore and rock in industrial sectors such as metallurgy, mining, cement, construction, refractories and ceramics. Especially for the crushing of hard and strong corrosive materials, jaw crusher is the * choice. Users should do the installation, debugging and inspection of the crusher in advance. At present, the whole operation of our company's jaw crusher is reliable. Adjusted overload protection measures, and improved the lubrication and sealing of each movement pair. This cavity shape has low productivity, high specific energy consumption, easy clogging, and large and uneven product size. The variable-angled deep crushing cavity of the jaw crusher is not only conducive to discharging, but also increases the number of times the material is impacted in the crushing cavity.

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