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How to reduce wear on jaw crushers

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 Jaw crusher is an important mechanical equipment for crushing ore. Jaw crusher may be worn during use. In order to minimize the loss of machinery parts, *ly, it is necessary to choose a model scientifically; It is fair use and selection. Of course, we also need to pay attention to the maintenance of the ore crusher. Jiaozuo Zhongxin Heavy Industry introduced how to reduce the wear of jaw crusher.

Some problems may occur during the use of the jaw crusher. For example, in the structure of the jaw crusher, the wear of the dynamic and static jaw plate can cause the crusher to run abnormally and lose its crushing ability; the jaw plate and the surface of the machine are not in smooth contact; The speed of the eccentric shaft is too fast, and the crushed material is too late to be removed, which causes the crushing cavity to be blocked and the E plate to wear; the included angle between the movable E plate and the fixed E plate is too large and exceeds the normal range; Abrasion resistance and impact resistance are not good.
Jiaozuo Zhongxin Heavy Industry reminds customers to pay attention to the newly installed E plate must be fixed tightly, and the surface contact with the machine is stable. A layer of better plasticity material can be placed between the E plate and the surface of the machine; each batch of material entering the crusher must be spot-checked. Once there is a large change in the nature of the material, the crusher's Parameters to make it compatible with the incoming materials; E-plate must use high hardness, wear-resistant, strong impact resistance materials; worn jaw crusher jaw plate must be replaced in a timely manner.
In the process of crushing the ore by the jaw crusher, pay attention to the normal operation of the jaw crusher before starting the feeding; the crushed material should be evenly added into the crushing cavity, and side feeding or stacking feeding should be avoided to prevent unilateral Overload or bearing overload; under normal circumstances, the temperature rise of the bearing does not exceed 35 ° C, and the maximum temperature does not exceed 70 ° C. If it exceeds 70 ° C, it should be shut down immediately and inspected in time; before shutdown, the feeding work should be s*ped * and broken After the crushed material in the cavity is completely discharged, the motor can be turned off.

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