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Operation method for improving efficiency of cone crusher

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 Before starting the cone crusher, the oil pump and cooling system must be turned on. After 35 minutes, the motor of the cone crusher should be started after the oil passage is clear. Because the cone crusher is a heavy-duty device, it should be started at no load regardless of the type.

For the cone crusher that has been started, it should be idling for a few minutes *. During idling, you can check the base, protective plate chain, etc. If there is no abnormality, you can start feeding. If it is a newly installed cone crusher, it should be idled for a long time, and it can be fed after two to three working shifts. The feeding of the cone crusher must be continuous and uniform to prevent overload, and the feeding amount should be consistent over the entire width of the feeding port, so that the wear of the cone crusher is uniform, and the life of the easily worn parts is relatively extended.
Inspection and care during cone crusher work. During cone crushing, check whether the particle size of the crushed product meets the requirements. If there are too many particles exceeding the specified particle size, find out the reasons, such as the gap of the screen bar is too large, the discharge opening is too wide, the hammer, the mortar wall, crush Excessive wear on walls or toothed rollers or loose safety devices, etc., and take appropriate measures to eliminate them. At the same time, pay attention to washing the oil tank to eliminate pollutants. If it is dry oil lubrication, it should be checked regularly and filled with new oil.
Before the cone crusher is s*ped, the feeding should be s*ped, the material in the machine should be drained, and then the main motor and the lubrication motor should be turned off in order. If the belt is s*ped, it is easy to cause damage to the parts.
When the cone crusher is s*ped, check whether the fastening bolts are firm and the degree of wear of the easily worn parts, and whether they need to be replaced. For tooth roller crushers, the wood sandwiched between the teeth should also be removed.

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