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Cone crusher's requirements for feed hardness

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At present, the intensity of ore mining is increasing. The ore that is crushed and processed can be used in many industries such as construction and road construction. The cone crusher is an indispensable crushing equipment in the crushing production line.

Cone crusher has large crushing force, high output, lower energy consumption than traditional crusher, and a wide range of material hardness that can be crushed. At the same time, the discharge particle size of the cone crusher is relatively easy to adjust. It can be adjusted by changing the crushing cavity, which is very easy to control, but the hard material also has an impact on the cone crusher.
1. Don't be misled by the larger the amount of feed per unit time of the cone crusher equipment, the higher the production efficiency. You should add materials in accordance with industrial processing standards. If necessary, the staff should appropriately reduce the unit feed amount, or even interval. Time to carry out shutdown maintenance work on the cone crusher.
2. The processed ore materials are different, their product uses are different, and the processing granularity required by the industry must be different. Our equipment operators, while replacing the processing materials in the cone crusher equipment, must timely adjust the bottom of the crusher. Material gap to avoid material blocking accidents during processing.

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