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How to improve the sand formation rate of the sand making machine

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 Choosing excellent sand making equipment: Selecting sand making equipment with excellent performance can be comprehensively considered from various aspects, in addition to working performance, including the model, specification, feed size, time output and applicable materials of the sand making machine. After careful consultation, the sand production plan needs to be comprehensively calculated. If users who are not very familiar with this aspect can choose to communicate with the manufacturer, many manufacturers will provide tailor-made business;

 Choose the *after-sales manufacturer: The sanding rate change of the sand making machine may be caused by equipment failure. The * way to deal with the fault is to communicate with the manufacturer and debug it by the after-sales technical engineer. The after-sales service can save you extra maintenance costs. The original manufacturer has a better understanding of the performance of the equipment, and is more authoritative in terms of fault determination and maintenance;
Choosing the right production plan: The construction of the sand production line should be based on the production requirements, production environment, equipment performance and other aspects. They should complement each other and cannot be ignored. If the overall production plan is not enough, it will affect the production of the entire sand production line. Production and production quality.
Regularly repairing the sand making machine equipment: After a period of work, the sand and gravel production line needs to carry out regular maintenance on each equipment. Some equipments can not be found for a long time, but it can affect the sanding rate of sand making production, and regular maintenance. These faults can be discovered in time, and the dykes of thousands of miles are destroyed in the ant colony, and the equipment is not overhauled for a long time. When the fault accumulates to a certain extent, it will cause irreparable explosive effects on the quality and output of the sand making production.

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