Analysis of Factors Affecting the Output of Sand Washing Machine

 Analysis of Factors Affecting the Output of Sand Washing Machine

1, specifications and models
The sand washing machine will affect the output of the equipment to a certain extent regardless of the type, model or angle. The same type of sand washing machine, the larger the size, the higher the production capacity.
2, material form
When the sand washing machine processes the harder materials, the difficulty of pulverizing the materials is increased, thereby reducing the production efficiency of the equipment, so the amount of large ore and debris must be appropriate when feeding. In addition, when processing materials containing more water or mud, it is easy to cause bonding and clogging of the pulverizing chamber, which will also greatly affect the productivity of the equipment.
3, sand washing machine equipment structure
  The area of the tank of the sand washing machine determines the processing capacity of the sand washing machine and the classification density. To increase the area, we can increase the height of the weir or reduce the angle of inclination, or increase the width of the groove, which will change the output of the equipment.




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