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How to solve the dust of the impact crusher?

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The impact crusher mainly uses the rotation of the rotor inside the machine compartment to drive the hammer head to strike the collision stone to ly break it. The stone collides with each other under the action of the rotor to form a large stone vortex, which increases the collision between the materials. In this process, the rotor rotates rapidly, the amount of air blows is large, and fine stones will overflow, causing dust pollution.

When the impact crusher works, in addition to the rotor rotating to bring out a large amount of airflow, the stone powder is flying out, and the broken material is mainly completed by multi-stage crushing and grinding in the crushing cavity, and the fineness of the material is broken. Small, during the operation, the particles are easy to fly out.
The working mode of the impact crusher is mainly done by tapping and crushing, which will increase the amount of dust, and the counterattack will be worn after a long time impact. Whatever the case, the counterattack will fall off, which will cause a counterattack. The sealability of the crusher is ly reduced, and the dust pollution is aggravated.
In order to solve the problem of large amount of stone powder in the work of the impact crusher, the user may additionally equip the dust removal equipment, or add a closed cover, or add a small amount of water to wet the material before entering the feed back of the counter crusher. Or directly add dust and humidifier to work together.
In order to reduce the amount of stone powder in the operation of the impact crusher, it is possible to check the various parts of the equipment regularly, such as the inspection of the liner, the tightness of the machine casing and the looseness of the screws at the joints of the devices. Maintenance and repair will ly reduce the amount of dust and increase work efficiency.

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