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The reason why the cone crusher has poor discharge quality

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 The cone crusher plays an important role in the secondary crushing. The cone crusher processing material can be formed at one time, and the cone crusher with poor discharge may need secondary processing, which is a waste of time and what causes it. Is the discharge granularity not good?
1. Broken material problem. The materials that can be broken by different types of crushing machinery are different. If the operator does not perform the inspection work when loading, it may cause the blockage to be large, and the material with high hardness enters the crushing chamber of the equipment, which will cause the cone to be broken. The crushing pressure of the machine equipment is large, and many materials can be discharged without being completely broken. In severe cases, it will also cause the device to jam and delay the operation time.

2. The problem of the structure of the crushing cavity. The crushing chamber of the cone crusher is the main area for the crusher operation. The structure of the crushing chamber directly affects the quality of the crushed material. When the cavity height and depth of the crushing chamber are not up to the requirements, the material will not be broken and discharged, so the quality of the crushed material will be low.
3. The discharge opening is too large. The discharge port of the cone crusher is the main component that determines the particle size of the discharge. If the discharge port is too large, many materials in the crushing chamber that are not sufficiently broken will be discharged from the discharge port, resulting in the discharge particle size not meeting the user's requirements. Affect the quality of discharge.
4, moving cone and fixed cone problem. If the moving cone and the fixed cone of the crushing equipment are severely worn during production, they cannot play a full role in the operation, and the material cannot be sufficiently broken, which affects the quality of the discharge and may even cause congestion problems.
5. The voltage is too low. If the voltage is too low, the cone crusher will not get enough power, and the equipment will not be able to carry out the crushing operation, so the quality of the broken material is too poor.

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