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Analysis of the reasons for the low output of sand making machine

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When the sand making machine is working, sometimes the production capacity will be reduced. Why is this happening? Jiaozuo Zhongxin technicians analyze from the following aspects:

 First of all, the effect of different stone materials crushed by the same sand making machine is different, because the hardness of stone in each area is different. If the hardness of the material is large, the crushing process will be longer, and the wearing parts of the sand making machine will be different. The consumption is also larger, so it is necessary to customize the sand-making machine's wear-resistant materials and models according to the different hardness of the stone material, which can effectively avoid unnecessary waste, and reduce the equipment damage while reducing the equipment shutdown maintenance. Frequency, disguised increase in the identity of the equipment, to obtain greater benefits for production engineering.

Secondly, the auxiliary equipment of the sand making machine should be in place. After repeated observations on the work of the sand making machine, the good grain size of the sand making machine is between 3 and 5 cm. The excessive and too small stone will affect the output of the sand making machine. Therefore, in the production process, the production of large stones should be equipped with a fine jaw crusher to supply the sand machine with grain type.
The third point is that the humidity and viscosity of the material will also have a certain impact on the sand making process. The material with too high temperature will have a certain viscosity or humidity, which will cause blockage of the equipment during the production process. A sand making machine that does not block or is not afraid of viscosity.
Finally, the power of the sand making machine motor should be equipped according to the model of the sand making machine. The power should be equipped strictly according to the factory's factory requirements. Otherwise, the power will not reach or be too high, which will cause the grain size of the sand making machine to be uneven and return. Increased production, resulting in reduced production.

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