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Reasons for the lower output of jaw crusher

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Jaw crusher is an essential product for processing artificial sandstone, and it is widely used. It is mainly used for primary crushing of various ores and bulk materials, that is, coarse crushing, such as: river pebble, bluestone, granite, basalt, etc. Etc., adding new sandstone resources to the mining, construction, transportation and other industries.

Nowadays, artificial sandstone has won the market and there are many natural crushing plants. The jaw crusher is used as the primary crushing equipment in the crushing stone and sand production line. If the crushing particle size is unqualified, the output is not high. Will affect the efficiency of the entire production line, how can we solve the problem of jaw crusher production?
1. Strictly control the amount of feed to prevent clogging due to excessive
    Don't think about the more materials you feed, the bigger the output, not. This may cause the machine's card machine, crash, and damage to the slabs, bearings and other components. What we need to do is to evenly and orderly feed. Let it work smoothly, so that the production time is long, and the output naturally goes up.
2. Strictly control the humidity and hardness of the material
    The texture property of the material is the key to affect the output of the jaw crusher. In particular, the softness and hardness of the sandstone material and the water content directly determine the crushing effect of the equipment;
3, there must be convenient transportation channels
    Both incoming and outgoing materials need to be transported to a designated production location without delaying the high-speed operation of the equipment production.

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