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How to increase the output of the cone crusher

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 The price of the cone crusher is relatively high, and it is the wish of each customer to increase its output. Therefore, we need to pay more attention when using the cone crusher on a daily basis. The following points are the improvement of cone crushing by Jiaozuo Zhongxin Heavy Industry Technical Engineer based on years of experience. Operating precautions for machine production.

 1. Keep the parameters of the tight side discharge port unchanged. If you want to stabilize the output, quality and production line load of sand and gravel products, the * thing to ensure is that the parameters of the tight side of the cone crusher are not changed, otherwise it will easily lead to the product size. The accident increases, which in turn affects the entire production line system and final production.
2, as far as possible to continue "full cavity" operation, if a cone crusher due to feeding instability and other factors when "hungry" when "full", then its product size, product rate, etc. will also fluctuate. The cone of the half-cavity operation is broken, and its products are not ideal in terms of gradation and needle shape.
3, do not feed too little, only a small amount of raw materials will not reduce the burden of cone breaking, in contrast, too little raw material will not only damage the output of the product, the grain shape is not good, and will be the cone crusher Bearings have an adverse effect.
4. According to the working principle of the cone crusher, the actual power of the cone crusher should not be lower than 40% of the rated power. In order to obtain proper "load bearing positioning" and maximize productivity, the actual power of the cone crusher should be maintained between 40% and 100% of the rated power. 75%-95% of the rated power during operation is the * choice. . Affecting the operation beyond the rated power will affect the life of the cone and cause various problems.
5. Ensure uniform feeding. When feeding, it is necessary to avoid the large-size stone material concentrated on one side, and the small-size stone material is concentrated on the other side to ensure uniform mixing of the stone material. Once the influence is uneven, the bulk density of the small-sized stone material tends to be compacted and blocked, which causes the adjustment ring to jump. In the face of the adjustment ring jump caused by the blocking material, the operation operator will be forced to increase the discharge port parameters, resulting in an increase in the particle size of the product. In the long run, problems such as damage to the adjustment ring will also occur, resulting in greater production losses.

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