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What daily maintenance is required for the jaw crusher?

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 Jaw crushers mainly include eccentric shafts, pulleys, frames, flywheels and return springs, brackets, fixed rafts and movable rafts. The jaw crusher has a bad working environment and various faults often occur during the running process. In order to ensure the stable operation of the equipment and improve the performance of the equipment, it is very important to do routine maintenance. Underneath, we understand the maintenance of important parts.
    1. Repair points of the moving shaft
    Pay special attention to the following points during the maintenance of the journal shaft: in the case of mechanical strength, some of the worn journals are turned and then nested. The important thing is to restore the original fit size.
    It is also necessary to pay attention to the use of certain technical measures to weld the welded shafts that have been worn. It is also necessary to use turning and then restore the original matching size. Repairing using vibration welding and metallization is also an important maintenance method.

    2. Repair points of the eccentric shaft
    The eccentric shaft of the jaw crusher should pay attention to the following points during the maintenance process: according to the actual wear condition of the parts, the corresponding repair method should be selected, and the turning or scraping repair method should be adopted. If the repair process is finished, the journal is slightly weaker. If it is smaller than the original fit size, then a new plain bearing should be made.
    In special cases, the original fit size can be restored by nesting after the original journal turning, and repairing by vibration welding and metal spray is also an important method.
    3. Repair points of sliding bearings in eccentric shaft
    The repair of the bearings in the machine is largely determined by the change in the limits of the gap and geometry. If the bearing is not severely worn, it can be adjusted by the padding method. The change in the tip clearance can extend the operating time of the machine.
    However, if the loss is serious, it must be repaired immediately. Sliding bearing repair methods generally have simple repairs and turning operations based on local defects. This type of machining is generally reliable, and all re-casting or stratified gas welding is required for some severely damaged areas.

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