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How to extend the service life of sand making machine parts

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 In the crushing production process, the damage caused to the sand making machine is very different depending on the material and the use situation. Reasonable use of different crushers When crushing different materials, select the appropriate machinery for corresponding crushing, which can avoid premature failure of the fittings. Uniform selection of materials can also reduce the loss of equipment and make the equipment longer.

As a manufacturer, after careful study and practice of the sand making machine, a detailed understanding of the relatively large points of the wear parts of the sand making machine was carried out, and at the same time, the wear of different positions during the running process was also carried out. The relevant records have made a summary of the problems that are prone to wear and tear during our use.

1. During the material crushing process of the sand making machine, the higher the hardness of the material, the more serious the damage to our equipment in the crushing production. The quality of the equipment is an important aspect when we make equipment purchases, and it is also important to select the right equipment for the different materials.
2. In the material, if the moisture content of the material is too large, the surface of the equipment that is easy to adhere during the crushing will cause the crushing strength of the equipment to decrease and the material transportation function to decrease, resulting in uneven production.
3. During the use of the sand making machine, the uniform speed in the crushing process can better reduce the damage of the equipment and ensure that the equipment can be used for our production for a longer time.
4, the choice of sand machine parts replacement is essential, high-quality parts in the process of use, can be better, more long-term use for crushing production, while at the same time can reduce the damage of the parts.

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