Analysis of the Causes of Unstable Operation of Cone Crusher

 Analysis of the Causes of Unstable Operation of Cone Crusher
 Usually, the cone crusher has a long service life, and some problems are encountered during the work process, such as unstable conditions at high speed, and what causes it?

1. The oil supply is uneven. If the speed of the cone crusher reaches the maximum speed without load, if the speed is continuously increased, the centrifugal force of the regulator fly block will be too large, and the tension of the speed regulating spring will be overcome, and the oil supply rod will be moved in the direction of oil reduction by pushing the tension rod. At this time, the position of the fuel supply rod is equivalent to the position of the oil supply rod at a low speed. Therefore, if the oil supply is uneven, the error is too large, which will affect the stability of the operation.
2. The oil cut time is inconsistent. If the cone crusher reaches the oil stop speed, the fuel injection pump should automatically cut off the oil. However, if the quality of the plunger and the oil discharge valve components are not uniform, or the oil breakage is not caused by the different wear, there may be some cylinders that have been supplied with oil. However, there are a small amount of oil supply or a slow oil cut in the cylinder, which will become the cause of high speed operation instability.

3. Improper operation. If the cone crusher machine is in high-speed operation, if it fails to operate properly, if the feeding equipment suddenly increases the feeding, or the properties of the material changed, the machine is not adjusted. The phenomenon that the machine appears suddenly and slowly, the machine runs at high speed, and the cone crusher should be stopped immediately for inspection.
4. Adjust the speed adjustment improperly. The high-speed operation of the cone crusher is usually unstable when the load is high speed. The speed regulation is an important indicator to evaluate the performance of the governor. If the adjustment rate is too large, the engine speed fluctuation will be large when the load changes. Affects the stability of the engine at high speed, and the idling speed is too high, which will increase the wear of the body, and the adjustment rate is too small, which will also cause high-speed operation instability. Generally, the vehicle speed adjustment rate is preferably controlled to be less than 10%, the engineering machinery adjustment rate is between 8% and 12%, and the generator set is less than 5%.





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