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How to reduce the failure rate of the cone crusher

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 For the manufacturer of the cone crusher, the stable operation of the cone crusher is important during the use, followed by the crushing efficiency and the quality of the discharge. If the cone is of poor quality or improper use, the failure will result in downtime maintenance. Customers are very reluctant to see, because time is money, time is not waiting for people. The cone crusher is suitable for the crushing of raw materials in metallurgy, construction, chemistry, road construction, silicate and other industries. It is a commonly used crushing equipment in the operation process, which ly improves the production efficiency. Only correct operation can reduce the failure rate and ensure the normal operation of the cone.

1. When feeding, the material is evenly put into the crushing chamber by the cone-breaking distributor disc. The amount of each feeding is generally lower than the height of the rolling wall.
 2, the feeding size must be guaranteed to be accurate, not too large or too small, otherwise it will easily lead to cone damage, and affect the production of production.

 3. When the cone crusher is running, it must be ensured that the running load is within the specified range. If it exceeds this specified load, it will cause a safety production accident.
4. When the material is broken, the feed must be s*ped *, and the remaining material inside the crushing chamber is completely broken, then the power is cut off and the operation is s*ped. This not only ensures safe production, but also does not waste materials.


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