How to improve the production capacity of vibration feeders?

 How to improve the production capacity of vibration feeders?
When the vibrating feeder is used, it can adjust the yield according to the production demand. The first method is to adjust the amplitude of the feeder, which can be conditioned by a conditioning inertial vibrator, but only after parking. If the yield is adjusted during operation, it can only be reached by adjusting the size of the opening of the funnel gate.
The conditioning of the vibration feeder's yield is also primarily achieved by the amplitude of the conditioning feeder. Vibrating feeders generally use the following two methods to adjust the yield:
1. Adjusting the opening of the silo gate and changing the thickness of the material layer can also reach the intention of the production of the feeder.
2. Passing the travel button of the rotary control box potentiometer, it can adjust the amplitude of the amplitude in the extra amplitude scale, and then can steplessly adjust the yield during the operation of the feeder;
In the application of the vibrating feeder, it is necessary to constantly check the stability of the feeder amplitude and current. If it is found that the tension spring of the plate spring is loose, the spring of the plate spring is cracked, the air gap between the iron core and the armature changes or a slam is generated, it is immediately dealt with.




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