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How to properly disassemble and maintain the sand making machine

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 In a variety of infrastructure, we often use sand making machines for sand and gravel processing, which can be used for a variety of hard materials. The sand making machine is also a wearable mechanical device, and our sand making machine operators need to know how to properly disassemble the equipment and maintain the sand making equipment. This can extend the sand making machine and reduce production costs.

First, open the end cover of the sand making machine, screw the removed end cap screws into the two screw holes specially set on the motor end cover of the sand making machine equipment, make the cover heavier, and apply the lifting equipment end cover And gradually remove it.
Second, * remove the external wiring of the sander motor and mark it. For example, for an asynchronous motor, marks corresponding to three-phase power lines should be made, and parallel windings, armature windings, etc. should correspond to external wiring, respectively. Then loosen the foot screw to separate the motor from the drive mechanism. Then use the pulley or coupling on the motor shaft of the machine. It is sometimes necessary to add some kerosene to the gap between the motor shafts of the pulleys so that the kerosene penetrates and lubricates to tightly engage the wheels, and the wheels need to be heated quickly to remove the wheels with a damp cloth.
When extracting the rotor, care must be taken not to damage the stator coils. If the weight of the rotor is not large, it can be pulled out by hand. First, the two ends of the rotor shaft are covered with a hoisting wire rope, and the rotor is lifted by a lifting device, and then slowly removed, taking care to prevent damage to the coil. Then, the steel pipe is scraped at one end of the shaft to scrape the journal. The steel tube is lined with thick cardboard to continuously remove the rotor.
When the center of gravity of the rotor moves to the outside of the stator, the wire is placed at the end of the rotor shaft. In the middle of the rotor, the rotor can be completely extracted and the disassembly of the sand making machine is completed. As a manufacturer of sand making machines, it is necessary to remind each operator that if the operator of the factory is not familiar with the operation technology of the sand making machine, it is recommended that you contact the sand making machine manufacturer.

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