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How to choose the right hydraulic cone crusher

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Hydraulic cone crusher currently acts as a secondary crushing equipment in a variety of material crushing production lines and sand making production lines. It has strong crushing particle size, a wide variety of materials to be adapted, and a wide application field. The finished product has good effect and is currently produced on the market. There are many manufacturers of equipment, how to choose the hydraulic cone crusher, in addition to paying attention to the two aspects of equipment quality and price, how to carry out in the details, it is recommended to look at the crushing chamber is the key.


1. The role of the crushing chamber
    The biggest function of the crushing chamber of the hydraulic cone crusher is to store the material. Specifically, the material is in the process of the crushing chamber of the crushing equipment from the feeding port to the discharging port, relying on the larger volume of the crushing chamber and the surface area of ​​the crushing wall. Store and then crush and crush.

2. What are the broken cavity types?
    For investors, different material properties should be chosen for different crushing chamber types. Since the hydraulic cone crusher is generally used as a secondary crushing device, the linear crushing cavity type is selected here, which can meet the requirements of the cross section change and the relatively high output of the crushing cavity; and the curved crushing cavity should be adopted for the middle and fine cone breaking. The narrow discharge opening is allowed, and the power consumption of the crushing cavity is small, the product granularity is uniform, and it is not easy to block.

3, the impact of the crushing chamber swing
    The reason why the user is advised to choose the hydraulic cone crusher is that the crushing chamber has high requirements, mainly because the crushing stroke of the crushing chamber of the equipment has an important influence on the working performance of the crusher. First, when the swinging stroke of the crushing chamber is increased, the quality of the crushed product is improved. The calibration of the discharge size is improved; secondly, the swinging stroke of each fracture layer of the crushing chamber should take a larger value, which is adjusted from the quality of the broken product to avoid excessive pulverization. Users can adjust according to their own needs.

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