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Daily maintenance method of impact crusher

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Impact crusher is an application of impact crushing machinery. In order to ensure the counter-crusher, it is better to run continuously in the crushing production line and continue the application life of the counter-crusher. The user should carry out regular maintenance on the counter-crusher. After the new machine is put into operation, a comprehensive inspection of the counter-attack must be carried out at the end of each shift.
After a weekly operation, perform a comprehensive inspection of the motor and smoothness of the impact crusher. The contents of the inspection include the tightening of the fixed parts, the belt drive, the bearing seal, the counter-lining, and the wear of the lining. The full-scale review is carried out, and the maintenance and replacement system is established on schedule. The gap between the rotor of the impact crusher and the counter liner is adjusted: when the rotor of the crusher is running, the gap between the rotor and the counter liner cannot be adjusted. If the material is stuck between the counterattack plate and the shell, it is proposed to slightly raise the counter-attack between the gaps of the new dispensing agent, so that the feeding of the block will become loose and the counter-attack can be easily adjusted. If the counter-attack is not enough, you can pat on the loose lever (maintained with a piece of wood). The gap between the rotor and the counter-liner is achieved by the machine's beam-adjusting device. First loosen the bolt sleeve and then roll the long nut. When the lever is moved upwards, adjust the screw sleeve to tighten.
Impact crusher replaces consumable parts: When the impact crusher changes the wearing parts, * open the upper frame. When using, * remove the connecting bolts of the rear upper frame and the middle case, then use a wrench to screw the hex head part of the flip cover, and then the upper frame gradually opens. At the same time, the rear frame can be suspended by the suspension above the frame. Repeat the above process, that is, close the shelf. Counter hammer crusher: When the counter hammer is worn to a certain level, it should be adjusted or replaced in time to prevent damage to the fasteners and other parts. Impact crusher lining: After opening the upper cover, remove the open pin, slotted nut and bolt for fixing the counter lining, then replace the worn back lining. If the device is equipped with a new counter-attack liner, reverse the above steps.
The bearing temperature of the impact crusher is too high:
1. Too much or insufficient grease: Check if the grease is proper.
2. Grease is dirty: replace the grease after clearing the bearing.
3. Bearing damage: Replacement bearing impact crusher plays a crucial step in the sand production line. In the process of use, we must promptly maintain and repair, solve the problem in the bud period, do not lose because of small.

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