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How to ensure efficient production of hydraulic cone crusher

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 As the * choice for the second and third stage crushing, the hydraulic cone crusher is widely used in the industrial sectors of metallurgy, building materials, light industry, chemical industry and electric power. However, due to the harsh working environment and the use of operators, the hydraulic cone crusher often has various failures * to downtime. To ensure efficient production of the hydraulic cone crusher, we need to pay special attention to these details.


1, no-load start
    The hydraulic cone crusher must be started under no-load condition. After the crusher is in normal operation, the mine can be started to avoid the increase of the motor load, resulting in excessive starting current and even burning the motor.
2, the amount of feed should be even
    Timely adjustment of the amount of mineral cone crusher to the ore, to ensure that the amount of ore added to the uniform, appropriate amount, so as not to increase the local friction of the machine, so that it appears "card machine" phenomenon.
3, pay attention to check the operation part
    The hydraulic cone crusher should * check whether the running part is stuck or collided during the * trial operation stage after installation. When running, * run the load for 4 hours, check the flexibility of the pulley, whether the machine is installed firmly, and whether there are other noises.
 4, pay attention to the rotor main bearing temperature rise
    When the hydraulic cone crusher is running, pay attention to observe the temperature rise of the main bearing of the rotor. If the temperature rises above the specified value, it should be s*ped and checked quickly. During operation, if the machine vibrates too much or an abnormal sound occurs, s* it quickly and check the cause.
5. Repair and replace worn parts in time
    For the wear parts of the hydraulic cone crusher, especially the main wear parts of the direct contact materials such as the main shaft and gears, it should be inspected regularly, and the problems should be repaired and replaced in time to avoid the later failures affecting the work efficiency.

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