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How to improve the efficiency of the impact crusher

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 The production capacity of the crusher directly determines the quality and output of the entire production line. How to improve the production efficiency of the crusher is an urgent problem for every user. How to improve the production efficiency of the impact crusher?

1. Material texture selection. The texture characteristics of the material are the key to the production of the quarry crushing line. In particular, the softness and hardness of sandstone materials directly determine the effect of sand crushing.
2. The feed size must be strictly regulated, and the feed requirements must meet the feed size required for the matching equipment of the stone production line. It should be reminded that the deformation of the screen caused by long-term collision of materials in the vibrating screen will also cause a large amount of unqualified materials to directly enter the crushing device cavity, which not only reduces the production of sand making, but also accelerates the wear of wearing parts. .
3, there must be sufficient material resources to ensure, for example, limestone, river pebbles, pebbles, etc. should be able to supply in a timely and effective manner, so as not to affect production schedule and production.
4. There is also an open space that is conducive to the production of impact crushers, because the crushing and sand production lines of any production process plan contain a large number of supporting equipment, and are only installed on a stable and stable basis. A layout layout is reasonable for maximum productivity.
5, has a convenient transportation channel, regardless of input and output can be transported to the designated production site, without delaying the high-speed operation of gravel and gravel production.

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