What issues need to notice about Long-term placement of ore crusher?

Ore crusher is used for crushing ore processing machinery and equipment, a common ore crusher jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher and mobile crushing plant and other ore processing machinery
equipment. Jiaozuo Zhongxin Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. here to remind users to pay attention to the ore crusher long-term placement during the winter need to pay attention to maintenance.
When the gravel equipment idle for a long time, the weather is prone to failure, it will cause a lot of trouble for the subsequent crushing work.Zhongxin Heavy Industry remind the majority of users should pay attention to the long-term placement of ore crusher required

ore crusher

Pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance problems. So long placed ore crusher need to pay attention to what the problem?
For the crusher, the production of materials are basically steel, so the most basic maintenance of gravel equipment is to do a good job of anti-rust equipment. First, the surface of the crusher peeling off the paint to re-repair, and then
The body parts coated with anti-rust oil, parts and bearings between the regular addition of lubricants, to ensure that the device when it starts next time to normal operation.
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Users also need to pay attention to the storage location of the device. The crusher should be stored in a dry and ventilated place as much as possible to avoid the oxidation of the crusher caused by moisture and rust. In addition, when placed, Zhuoya suggested that you will mine
Stone crusher as flat as possible on the cement floor, it is best to put some wood on the ground,




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