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Reasons for Hydraulic Cone Crusher hydraulic oil quality is not good

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Hydraulic Cone Crusher can process a variety of materials, including some of the higher hardness of the material, it can be in a variety of broken, fine crushing, ultra-fine crushing operations to provide unparalleled crushing performance, here focuses on hydraulic cone crusher hydraulic How to check the quality of oil Check the quality of hydraulic oil, the main check the following three aspects:

1, hydraulic cone crusher oil oxidation
   To determine the degree of oxidation of hydraulic oil, usually from its color, smell on the start. If the color of the hydraulic oil is dark brown and has a bad odor, it has been oxidized. The darker the brown, the stronger the stinking smell, the more the degree of oxidation is increased. At this time, the new oil should be replaced.
2, hydraulic cone crusher oil containing water levels
   There are usually two methods for judging the degree of moisture mixed in hydraulic oil. First, according to the change of color and odor, if the color of the hydraulic oil is milky white and the odor does not change, it indicates that the mixed water is too much. Second, take a small amount of hydraulic oil droplets on the hot iron plate, if issued a "horn" sound, then contain water, this time, should be replaced by new oil.
3, the hydraulic oil contains impurities in the situation
cone crusher
Judge the hydraulic oil contains impurities, usually the following two, one, after a period of mechanical work, take a few drops of hydraulic oil on the hand, twist with your finger to see if there are metal particles, two, in the sun Under the observation of whether there is a tiny flash point. If there are more metal particles or flash points, then prove that the hydraulic oil contains more mechanical impurities, this time, the hydraulic oil should be replaced, or release the hydraulic oil, for not less than 42h precipitation time, and then filter After use.

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